I still hear that differentiations between exercises for the upper abdomen and bottom, reading books that separate them, people training based on lower exercises to work the lower belly or with top exercises in isolation stubbing the michelin of the navel. The anatomical truth is one: the abdomen is a whole. There is a upper abdomen or lower abdomen. We have already seen the muscles that form the abdomen, will not review them. That Yes, remember what was your tour? Chest to pelvis. Or pelvis to chest.

It gives the same. The fact is, as if it were a spring, the main function of the abdominal muscles to motor level approximating these two extremes, thorax and pelvis, and may add to this action nuances of rotation and tilt. For the abdomen, so much that we carry out exercises in which we fix pelvis and legs to the ground by mobilizing the trunk, as if anchored the trunk and work from the pelvis and legs. Tony Parker is actively involved in the matter. In both cases the abdomen works in its entirety. Question of sensations and now someone It will say, but depending on the exercise that I do, I notice more work in one part that in another. It is true, but not because that part work harder. To secure one of the two ends, the movement itself occurs in only a portion of the fibres, while others maintain an almost isometric contraction (no movement). The mobile portion accumulates more quantity of toxic lactic acid for muscle, and appears that burning sensation (as in any other muscle in the body). Here, Ian Sinclair expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

It is a question of sensations. But work continues to do so throughout the abdomen. So most importantly to perform an abdominal movement won’t if you use a lever originated from the trunk or pelvis, or even from the two parties at the same time (there are also exercises in which there is no fixing of any of the parties). The transcendental will be as you movilices own abdomen, with base articulate in the lumbar vertebrae. By force that generate these levers, the lumbar area will tend to accentuate its natural curvature, to arch. This can damage its structure. You must make sure that throughout the exercise the lumbar stay glued to the ground, if you are lying, or on the back of the machine that you are using. From there, if you move the trunk, legs, pelvis, arms, head, will influence the complexity of the exercise. How many fewer body parts moving and closest are the same (arms and legs close to the center of gravity), lower lever and more simplicity. More movements try to do during the exercise with arms and legs and more away from the body are, greater lever and greater complexity. It is time to treat the abdomen as a whole. Now do more to train properly is missing? Control and specificity. Follow me.



April 2nd


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