They say the bastos in the reading of the letters in the reading of the letters the bastos are a group of minor arcana has a profound meaning. The coarse focus a powerful creative energy, since all of the decks of this stick mention different instances of the creation. But careful!, because it is essential to evaluate the rest of the decks to determine if that energy is dumped to the creation or destruction. The power of the clubs is a power without measure, which devastates everything in its path. You will need to tune the spirit to channel this energy in a positive way. The ACE of clubs is an initial explosion of creativity.

You may want to express a superb start for a personal project, a new stage of life. Also on some occasions she announces the arrival of a child in the world. It is the spark of productivity that will start a fire. The most important question is if that fire will grow up to become a pyre, or not achieved to develop and will become extinct in their ashes. It is a torch that can lead to success, although it is not guaranteed. A torch lit, but also implies that the person must take it with you and do not abandon it.

It will be a matter of see if who query has the perseverance to do so. As all the cards, the ACE of clubs also presents a negative aspect and is impossible to predict their energy. In this case, this factor is increased by the character of fire from the decks of bastos. Tony Parker often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The situation progresses when appears the two of clubs, which helps us to direct this energy toward a more positive purpose. The two of wands is a decks that speaks will of the person to reach their goals. The gift of strength to achieve the objectives already has been given to us, is now in us towards a productive end with industriousness and tenacity. This deck tells us that our dreams can become a reality, but not a matter of fortuitous, as it could announce it the wheel of fortune, but because we must work to come to fruition. The two of wands is a reminder that we are control of our lives, we always have control of our destiny and we have the strength to know use them. Definitely, in the reading of the decks, the two of wands reminds us that we deserve to be the creators and the rulers of our life. Meant major arcana Tarot truck runes: divinatory interpretation of Cen/Kenaz stars and TAROT.es what say us in a print run of tarot cards? Tarot friend



August 2nd