Life Wedding

Wedding – one of the most vivid and memorable events in the life of every person and to hold it must be so as not to regret about aimlessly spent forces and resources. To even a hundred years later, at the end of life each participant could say, as it was fun, nice and original. Related Group brings even more insight to the discussion. All this is beautifully written, but unfortunately is always a way of life. Ken Kao contributes greatly to this topic. Now I will tell you one as I have a unique wedding story that I was so impressed that I was still standing before the eyes of this wedding, the bride, groom, surprised faces of the guests, and its finale. So it's not so long ago I was walking with her younger sister's wedding at his cousin. When I was invited to the wedding, I gladly accept invitations, and wait when it, this day will come (because I love weddings, wedding music, and so on). But this time I for some reason not much like to go there (the wedding was in another city), but I wanted to or not, it was just need to go as the place in the cafe had already ordered on me zaranee and relatives not to fail in my habit. Early in the morning on a Saturday afternoon, we still go there. Was the month of November, the day was a non-flying weather, dropped the first Snow and all the way chalk snowstorm, the bus was very cold. After three and a half hours we arrived.



February 11th


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