Limburg Kasper

The story has written puppeteers and voices imitator Bernd Schmitt, who lends his voice to many characters and especially in Hesse for 20 years as a puppeteer is the Limburger puppet theatre. Also TV presenter Sabine Sanger (Hessischer Rundfunk) is Tom, who has composed many children’s films as a spokeswoman there, as well as her son. Radio plays are already appeared in the series of the children of the Limburg puppet theatre: fabulous Limburg Kasper and the Dragon of Limburg! Here, Kasper and CY experience a thrilling adventure that leads through the streets of the medieval town of Limburg and revived the old saga around King Konrad can. Official site: Charlotte Hornets. Fabulous Idstein was Kasper in the footsteps of Johann Wolfgang Goethe famously briefly lived in Wetzlar and there falls in love with Kasper and 13 Ravens of sorcerer’s magical Wetzlar the cunning plan which witch is here. Fairy tales and history are here exciting together connected. The town of Wetzlar, 2012, support this project to the Hessian.

The Limburg puppet theatre that is especially puppeteer Bernd Schmitt, who is best known for its ability of voice imitation as impersonator. He is popular for exciting self-written Theater pieces in the children with his punch and Judy show. The hand puppet show with the great speaking ventriloquist dolls is the hallmark of the Limburg puppet theatre. He plays publicly as well as privately to birthdays, city celebrations or corporate events. More children’s programmes such as face painting can be booked to. Children are available by mail order directly under radio plays of the Limburg puppet theatre nationwide.

In Bremen, the CD at Karstadt, as well as a few children stores is offered. The radio plays are suitable from approx. 4 years and between 20-30 Mininuten long. “The children drama CD magical Bremen” zuzugl costs Euro 6,00. Shipping costs. Orders and information via e-mail, contact address: Limburger puppet theatre contact Ulrike Herz Marianske Ring 15 65549 Limburg



November 10th


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