Little Sleep Broilers

Several studies that confirm that lack of sleep can affect weight gain have been. In a study conducted with a sample of more than 1,000 people who sleep less than seven hours a day, they have presented a greater degree of obesity than those who sleep some hours more. Lack of sleep can affect the energy balance and, therefore, influence weight gain. This fact happens through three different mechanisms: firstly, little sleep increases the appetite. These changes in leptin, which is a hormone that removes the hunger, then when we sleep secretamos less leptin. Secondly, little sleep makes will have more time to eat at night. Thirdly, lack of sleep helps to lower energy expenditure.

For this reason when we sleep bad, the next day we were so tired and tend to move us much less. Although as explained above is a factor more when it comes to weight gain, is not the only one. A good diet is paramount, not just fitness, but also to be healthy. Be sure to advise you with a good nutritionist.



February 26th


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