Lobster Culture Salon

Sossmar (peine/Hildesheim), June 20, 2009 in his greeting speech Gerhard explains lobster by the culture parlour in Sossmar near Hildesheim that he publicized this time wanted to offer something special its. Some musical, which violates all rules of scholarly music. And then he presents the artists of the evening: VANYA BELAGA from Munich. Vanya Belaga, an artistic all trades with moving curriculum vitae, born in Moscow. At a young age, he attended a famous Moscow music school in the short term, he studied painting and graphic arts.

One night as he sat at the piano, noticed it that something was going on inside and suddenly began to music to improvise with great success. Now he’s coming with his program in whole Germany, what is more logical than a concert in lobster culture Salon. He sits down at the piano and goes in. Then, the melodies, for trained ears Gush a mixture of jazz, blues and classical music. Each piece is unique. In the second part of his presentation, he was very charming and with spitzbubischem smile on my face, little anecdotes from his Moscow childhood to the best. For the one or the other listeners up to this point the ice still not broke, then he succeeded now. Framed in his musical impressions he gave a wonderful insight into the experiences of a young Moscow boy, for the Bach of the love of God”… was The audience finished the evening with plenty of applause for the artist VANYA BELAGA. Carola Heider-Leporale



April 10th


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