Lowensohn – We Are Not 30 More

The new single from Lion son – we are not 30 more we are no more 30, is a very rhythmic song, dancing in the contemporary Discofoxbeat, whose Hookline immediately animated sing-along. Watched the people in the mouth, the message of the text could be. The subject, the ever lasting opposition between young and old, easily understood, interpreted on a new and seasoned with plenty of irony. The term son of lion is a neologism of the musician Christian Werner, who contrasts his music project released under this alias. For the artist, son of Lion means a symbol of dominance, strength and vitality of the musical work, also son of Lion embodies love and ties by Christian Werner for his home city of Brunswick, the city of Henry of the lion. The season just received promotion on Mallorca proved that he hit the right note with his lion son project in the genre of danceable disco pop..



March 29th


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