Luis Sanzo Tax

Precisely because we understand that this is a medium that has to be used, which is essential to use in proportion. Which has to regulate the labour market, without affecting this is it the minimum adquisivo power of any citizen. You may find that Sally Rooney can contribute to your knowledge. The essence of new jobs are characterized by being precarious, temporary, but our economy is not adapted to this new employment situation. What you are trying to resolve is how to fit this new feature and social welfare, even extending it on a model global and sustainable, something which is possible and necessary. Required for work better the economy of the welfare society and made extensive to other economies. But it is possible in a society with a great wealth and in which the economic engine is no longer the production/consumption model, but the financial economy. ure choices. Whereupon we propose a specific funding model of the basic income, which does not change the General State budgets or develops through the income tax, but through an RB rate, that supposed fiscal developments in the new economy and the conversion of the Tobin tax in the basic rental fee.

The measurements that have been made about changes to income tax and the replacement of certain subsidies by income Basic (Jose Iglesias, Luis Sanzo, Daniel Reventos, Enrique Pinilla) shows that it is possible, but not enough to establish a criterion for applying the basic income, need to recompose the basic income as economic theory, not reduce such a measure to a beneficent idea, social justice or foundations merely ethical. We see that the strictly economic analysis lack does that basic income, applied as a social wage in Basque country led to a budget deficit, or in Germany, which makes be resubmitted before or after, with a tax burden that makes it untenable and alleviate other public benefits. For example the Department of Social Welfare of the Government of Navarra has been forced to cut and cancel actions noted a deficit in its funding in the budgets of the year 2005.



August 17th