Luxurious Hotel

Black roast 1 kilo of round boy (round tip) 1 tz. Of oil 2 kilos of skillful tomato (plum tomato) 1 onion minced in cuadritos 8 crushed teeth of garlic 3 leaves of laurel 1 teaspoon of oregano 7 spoonfuls of papelon/panela Salt and pepper to the pleasure tz. Of olives 2 tz. Of red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite because he is neither very dry nor very sweet) To clean the meat of all fat in bowl aside macerates the meat with the wine, the onion garlic and the laurel is left by a space of 4 hours or until the following day in the refrigerator (personally I prefer to leave it until the following day) On the following day: The tomatos in a boiling water pot are placed by about 3 minutes and soon to place them in a water package with ice to way to be able to remove the rind easily to him, removes the seeds to them and pequenitos sour well doing almost a puree. the meat removes from the refrigerator and it removes from the mixture of the wine and it is dried, in a deep pot puts the oil to warm up to average fire along with the spoonfuls of papelon until this black is put ” but taking care of of which not queme” once black papelon is placed the meat to sofreir in the pot and it is turned around so that it takes hold the color of papelon when already this cover the meat, agragan the onion and garlic to sofreir along with the meat the crushed tomatos are gotten up, the wine in which was macerating the meat, oregano and the salt and pepper to the pleasure. This is going away to leave to low average fire by space of 4 hours, after passed east time, they are going away to him to add the olives and it is left by space of half an hour but. It removes the meat from the liquid that must be of black color and a thick cosistencia and cuts in lajas of 5mm. Of thickness or to the thickness that it prefers, coloquela in a tray to serve and spills the juice upon the meat, removes the leaves of laurel and sirvala with white rice and slices of mature banana..



September 2nd