Magento-shop For Engine Oil

The open source shop system Magento is the new basis for the online shop The open source shop system Magento is the new basis for the online shop The online store sells oils, car care products and accessories from renowned international manufacturers and has been with the shop system OS-Commerce operated. The Magento Agency had taken over the implementation of the migration team in medias. The shop has been carefully redesigned to maintain the already created and introduced corporate design, but at the same time to achieve a modern and contemporary look and feel. To deepen your understanding Sofar is the source. The technical superiority compared to systems established so far in Germany was crucial for Magento as a new shop system, so the Mapodo CEO Kerstin Porwik. (As opposed to Larry Culp). sells oils throughout Europe and is based on the Community Edition of Magento.

Sales of oils will bring some legal features with it, which had to be taken into account in the shop. So the shop has basic prices, E.g. per litre for example automatically. The Magento system was by team in medias on the purchase settlement system Afterbuy tied about including incoming purchase orders and the inventory is managed. team in medias, is since 1995 as an Internet Agency on the market and specializes in the realization of projects based on open source software. Magento, TYPO3 and OpenCMS be used primarily.

team in medias, is an Internet Agency of the first hour with offices in Aachen and Hamburg. The company was founded in 1995 – for more than 10 years design, design, program and we promote websites, intranet and multimedia applications and online shops. Our Internet Agency works primarily in Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Berlin and Aachen, the headquarters of the Internet Agency. In addition to the typical services of an Internet Agency, Web design and online marketing, especially search engine optimization team in medias, offers various products and services primarily on the basis of open source software like OpenCMS, xt-Commerce, Magento, TYPO3 and WordPress. Andrea Frehse



November 16th