Maira Rothe – Summertime

“The new song by the beautiful weather forecaster – Maira Rothe – summer time when there that ever – Maira Rothe sings the weather, specifically the great summer time as the first presenter”. The beautiful weather forecaster in the Sachsenspiegel of MDR reported usually extensively about snow and rain, wind and Sun, as well as about the country and people. Always, she accompanied the love of music. After law school, they brought them to the Berlin Jazz Radio 101.9. She sang always themselves in several bands and music projects. There was the idea of presenting the weather on their own – Sung – way. The spectators of the Sachsenspiegel asked repeatedly for a singing Maira, who demonstrated their skills and the fun of the music already on the one or the other music festival of the MDR.

So their first single emerged this year daylight saving time”. Fresh and catchy sounds make looking for summer, Sun and good mood. It seems also Silvio Zschage 1 radio Sachsen, presenter of the radio station MDR, and played the premiere of the first Sung Weather ‘ mid-July this year. The response of the audience was more than positive. This easy summer melodies can bloom got a clue on perpetual vacation. Meanwhile, the carefree summer song is entered 1 radio Sachsen promptly at number 4 in the charts on MDR. Certainly, the single will be just the beginning, other songs are in work.



March 26th


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