Making Music .

Write your first song I was destined to a remarkable sequencer fl Studio! Excellent program for the novice computer musician. You can write in all genres and directions, compared to many other similar program is simple to use. We first used the sounds and samples from the built-in fl Studio library, but eventually began to realize that it's time to diversify as a quite monotonous built-in collections samples. Samples – a one-time digitized segments of sound instruments, electronic, or live is not important. Samples also include a variety of digitized sounds around us. The quality and flavor of your muz. will directly depend on those samples and vst instruments that you use.

Council actively juzat Yasha, or Google in search of quality, colorful tools. I now have about 50GB of samples, as well as a sufficiently large number of vst instruments. vst instruments – it's plug-ins (emulators, synthesizers, effects) to the sequencer like fl Studio, or Cubase. Actually, without them it would be difficult to write anything at all gridiron. vst instruments are very different, it emulators may be pipes, sax, Guitry, or drum set, in general, all of jew's harp to piano. I recommend these vst, as EZDrummer, MiroslavPhilharmonik, TruePiano, RealGuitar, Samplelord. All this can be easily connected to your sequencer.

By the way a little more about the sequencer. I must say that now I do not use fl. The reason for this was firstly the lack of opportunities to write notes (I'm a musician by profession), and secondly there is no possibility to write in triple time, in the third, if you build grandiose plans for the future in terms of their creativity, it is best to immediately pass on Cubase or Nuendo, because the majority of professional studios are working with these sequencers. And if with the project of Fl, then laughed at))) For a chosen Nuendo, long delved into, but after I saw the huge benefits of the program to FLStudio. Although the course and in fl you can make real masterpieces, as is increasingly dependent on you and your abilities. Many famous musicians, have written these hits in different genres, had no musical training, but had an excellent ear for music and rhythm, so if you could not study music professionally, it still does not mean or anything. Although notes I advise to brush up for the start))) They are only 7! I wish more hits! Hopefully article was useful.



September 30th