Margarita Rosa

According to the connotations of the argument, I think that Sara Corrales would not do wrong, besides taking advantage of the popularity it has recently provided the soap opera “Neighbours” which airs in the U.S.. Another actress who is stealing the show in the telenovela “Amor Sincero” is Indhira Serrano, who plays Patricia husbands away, the coast takes on the role of a Cali enough “overheated” and bitch, obsessed with the father of Marbella, on the verge of becoming pregnant to trap him (any resemblance to a Mexican soap opera, it is mere coincidence.) A Indhira we remember for his role in the telenovela “Everyone wants to Marilyn” as the best friend of the protagonist in the brothel. Canal Caracol is looking eagerly for the official presenter reality “Challenge 2010”, as their previous host, the former actress and now universal Vargas, has committed to the project of “Fortuna Chepe” and Margarita Rosa de Francisco multiple simultaneous commitments that the pit discarded as an option. There is talk of other options … and that they know the name of the sweet and multifaceted Margarita Ortega is said, it is rumored, that getting into the wave of remakes, Canal Caracol is targeting recap “love and live” a hit television in the eighties that starred Maria Fernanda Martinez and Luis Eduardo Motoa, television version of which was a bad movie. I remember his librettist Escallon Germain gave the final telenovela a crude, emaciated, tight to the context of its history, but viewers reacted very unhappy and angry because it was not the usual and trite final rose, for this reason in the movie that was filmed for “Amar y Vivir” changed the outcome and therefore Colombians in colloquial terms: history. Hopefully this rumor be true, the Canal Caracol not think of making a terrible snafu, one of the most enduring soap operas Colombian television that would be more sensible than the same writer, whoever you make the appropriate adjustments to the old script and contextualizes, if his talents have book makes it sound the flute to the now dejected Canal Caracol. And in terms of players, should select a very visceral histrionic actress and also sing and sing really punchy and feeling, a combination that brought together brilliantly in those years, Maria Fernanda Martinez..



January 3rd