Mexican Indians

As of the weekend with the of the month-end foreign wanted to explain them to me in the following way: had been in the month of February 2005 when I saw, I greeted and chatted with Carlos Montemayor. It is the time that I met him with the time I read it, and from these meetings and reunions reading the poet’s poems, them I did mine because the sierra Madre Occidental in Chihuahua and Durango runs us through incomparable (n) with the desert and forest, the Tarahumara and Tepehuan of Northern light. What Montemayor was for the serrano Mount for me is the serrana mountain: a double look heaven and Earth with the landscapes of nature, animal and human-mediated. And emerge a question that I always lurks when someone dies: why the death of someone close, near or far, wanted, loved and admired, do you feel that absence that you will ever see and feel existentially when he was a human presence? And it is not that this question is nothing more part of poets and poems, but all those human beings who ever we touched and continues touching us life with death as life. AND If life, in part, has the answer, death, complements it. Today, when almost nobody has a death at peace with itself, the death of a man and a poet as Carlos Montemayor, was a battle that only he confronted in the restlessness of the early disease with mature lucidity of who gave and lacked the time for further elucidation, clearing, Deconstructing and despiezando historically and humanly what was the war in paradise and what were the arms of alba in the violence of the Mexican State. When a man as Carlos does the Finisterra’s poet Montemayor, the breath and the chant of who writes from the creation, translation and research it is within a social policy of participation, the complaint and the action with an ethical and moral greco Latin that he drank mineral dust from the mines and went up into the mountain mountaindesert and jungle to encounter face to face as a Mexican Indians and Mexican farmers, spreading and defending what should not disappear: poetry ancestral and contemporary poems of languages originating in Mexico. The Finisterra’s Carlos Montemayor, not coveted, aspired to dust and fire in those glimpses and oteamientos of the light which is wisdom and way clarified by the spiritual creation and committed writing. Original author and source of the article.



October 9th