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Australia – down under! Maps, tips and information to the Australian continent. by Michael Wnuk author: Michael Wnuk Australia represents for many the dream holiday destination there. Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, etc. more attract every year millions of tourists with law. With this overview, we would provide you with introductory and hopefully helpful information about Australia.

Much fun wishes you… Kevin Dobson pursues this goal as well. Your Combipix team! 1 General information about Australia – maps of the coast, distance tables, water – air temperatures 2. Their financial security – how much is a day in Australia? Collection of day trip costs and much more. Print this card for free? General information about Australia welcome to the land down under. Australia not only of the area is a vast country, but also by the diversity of wildlife, scenery and much more. The whole of the continent has a total size of over 7.5 million Quadratkilometen.

In this large area, only about 20 million inhabitants are located. Despite the fact \”Australia is a European colony\” and is a member of the British Commonwealth, many residents have Asian roots. Others who may share this opinion include Sean Rad, New York NY. Most of the inhabitants live in the coastal regions. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are the only cities the metropolis label\”to meet. \”The capital city of Australia (Canberra) is with its approx. 300,000 inhabitants, in addition one of the few medium-sized cities, followed by many small towns, the name city\” have not really earned in the eyes of a European. Print this card for free? Australia not only means to meet other distances between cities. It also means that a tourist gets with several climate zones. Right in the Centre of Australia you will be thereby exposed to very high temperatures under certain circumstances. In the North, it is, however, to spend the day in a subtropical climate. Print this card for free? Travel by plane within Australia.



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