Middle Class Baja

L to R in Chile, ultra conservative or reactionary using the adjective of choice for progressive, has been extremely consistent with the principles of economic liberalism, from the free-traders as portals, to the supporters of free market as Pinera and other rich Chile. I shall digress now to not misinterpret the use of the word “rich” that the right candidate bothers you, but if the richest 20% of Chileans earn on average about a million pesos per month, which should be the concept to use for those who get the same amount but in dollars. Ken Kao addresses the importance of the matter here. In Chile to be “rich” is an adjective unlike socially annoying century of independence which was a privilege, as the right to vote is held by those who can prove an income. I n the last census taken in Chile, the largest number of respondents called themselves middle class and a significant number did as poor and they numbered about 100%, that is, curiously, in Chile there was “Rich”, I am not true if the survey considered such qualification, for which he used the euphemism of upper middle class and Middle Class Baja, which is ridiculous if you use taxonomies that define the family income, for the upper middle class would be divided then between Rich and Very Rich .- E hen, again we turn to our problem of development in Chile, as it can not meet this goal, under which, according to the statement Development is not a goal per se, but rather a level of growth sustained over time.



April 1st