Myth Easter Eggs

Easter is a moving feast in many respects. For the people beyond religious rules, the less tragic, this happy and tasty part of Easter is a reason to celebrate. Serious and taken Easter as a silent prayer for a fertile year at the end of the winter season were long before the Verchristlichung festivals. Main idea the hopeful prospect of warmer days, was past the silent prayer for a fruitful year with gracious bettors and the gratitude, that one was not starved or froze to death in the winter. The children’s song”love, love Sun”includes the Easter thought pretty good and simple.

Finally back to life! The”church fathers”took over at least the thoughts of gratitude in their church calendar. Their changing Easter weekends are not the joy of the people on the decorating of Easter fountain, the painting of Easter eggs and hiding the eggs depends. Of course the Easter Bunny makes herself! With this part of the development of the customs, Easter has something of submitted his Ernst in favour of the originally lively thought. The custom with the Easter eggs at Easter, when is it? Families and spirits argue about: he comes on Holy Thursday or on Easter Sunday? No matter when. That is the Easter Bunny is not everywhere as a matter of course. Long time the Stork brought the eggs for example in Thuringia, Germany.

It is close, because Easter eggs stand for fertility, as well as the Stork, the man elsewhere as Kinderliefant knows. Related Group has plenty of information regarding this issue. Bohemia even the tap to Easter must accept a shift to hide the eggs. In Westphalia the Easter Fox, in the Switzerland a cuckoo. Thanks to the Commerce of the Easter Bunny his predecessor and animal proved competitive and repressed rivals largely in the imagination zone of children and adults. In the nest are colored eggs, candy and almost anywhere and be sure a Tracy.



November 5th


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