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The sciatic one talks about to the pain undergone throughout the trajectory the sciatic nerve – the longest nerve of the body, that subsequent to runs of the low part the area of pelvis and the rump, until the later part of the low leg. The sciatic one is a quite common form of pain that feels in the later part and of the leg and is due to the sciatic nerve that is irritated or compressed. The pain the sciatic one varies of an infrequent malaise to a continuous, atrocious and debilitating pain. The sciatic one is experienced like pain that radiates from lowest to its rump it includes generally the later part of his leg. This pain can be smooth or severe and an ardent sensation or acute shock feels sometimes like. The sciatic one can be sudden or insidious in the beginning and to get worse in a certain term. In some people who suffer of sciatic pain, this a numbness or a weakness in the leg or the foot as well as a sensation of cosquilleo or needles in the toes can be accompanied by.

What causes the sciatic one? The cause more common of the sciatic one it is pressure in the sciatic nerve by a vertebral disc herniado or slid (" nerve pellizcado"). Between each one of the vertebrae in its spine a cartilage disc exists that acts as cushioning to allow the flexibility of the spine. With the age and the use, these discs can get to be fragile and tablets – allowing that a part of the disc leaves its normal position within the spinal column and that presses the root of the nerve. This happens generally in people enters the ages of 30 50 years. Other less common causes of the sciatic one include the reduction of the spinal channel (well-known like stenosis), spinal tumors, injuries or traumas.



June 25th