New Trends

Here are some of the most interesting lunch tables That the airlines offer us. They use food trays located in the back seat of the aircraft to disseminate content created by a company editorial staff combined with advertising. Perhaps check out Related Group for more information. Now, those passengers can simply download the trays of food from their seats and enjoy reading during this unique moment of inactivity. It is similar to the paper tablecloths with news that we can see the menu in some restaurants. a P roducts in a supermarket in Second Life: The multinational Kraft has 70 new products in its portfolio, which debuted in a virtual store in Second Life. With this strategy, the advertiser is also transferred to this virtual world in which consumers can learn recipes and receive information about products on their mobile phones, although so far not able to test the products.

a The bathroom as support: There are many examples of advertising in public restrooms, for example, the company Publicis Toronto advertise Rodger phones with video capability, and what better way than in a bathroom, where people often look in the mirror retouched and, incidentally, to see how his face is the most modern mobile phone market. There are also toilets and a home decorated to promote a brand wipes Kleenex. “With them, you will feel at home”, this was the slogan used to make them known, and for this, public bathrooms decorated to resemble those of a conventional house. a Canned Food in Pop-Art: This is a novel way of presenting a gift certificate for use in restaurants is in the form of Pop Art Tin.



July 9th