Now Reality

Each is programmed over the fact that the individual be a conductor truth. Each has its own truth, it is real, even if, perhaps, is opposed to the truth of others. Is this correct or not? Nothing is right or wrong It's just wrong. Right or wrong only your own judgments and perceptions. Creating my own right and my own reality, on stage or screen – that's true for me at this particular moment. My own vision and instincts, all that makes me Me. Sense of timing, phrasing, choice of vocabulary – it is my right. What if what I consider trivial or false, for someone seems perfect? Seek your own truth.

Be steady. Know it. Own it. Follow your instincts and do not ask questions. Your reality – yours and it's perfect! Remember what I write – it's my humble opinion and perception of their own little truth in the vast world of billions of individual truths. My reality – It's my understanding of my existence I'm not sure that my reality – this is exactly where I wanted to be I'd like to feel every minute of every day of his life as a blessing. Why is it always so difficult perceive reality as an absolute positive? Always adequately I want to absorb the true reality of my life, I do not want to be constrained in its path, perhaps most of all I would like to concentrate on What I have not yet reached in their life, not sold as a woman or an artist And how about who I am and what is achieved? I think that there is always another way and this is my fantasy of a perfect life funny I used to be fantasizing about the life I live now Now it's my reality My cherished goal: the moment when we can pat itself on the back and smile with an exhalation of relief.



March 2nd