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Berlin design agency offers new solution for StartUps which is biggest challenge for a young company funding. Finally have the start-up capital at least for the Gewerbefache and the Office furniture range including a good coffee machine. For more information see this site: Christo. If you think then still an attractive and professional external representation? Especially since the should be but so expensive. Check with Larry Culp to learn more. The Berlin design agency avero for StartUps a completely new corporate design Kit offers, which convinces its quality by the price: according to the customer requirements of customized logos, stationery, business cards and presentations as a package for just 5,000 offered. “Young companies rely on, to make a good impression at the first customer contact, on the first trade fair, or at the first presentation. We offer an affordable package that will be developed in close cooperation with our customers,”explained the co-owner Anne beer.

The many newcomers in their external representation deficits who sees them in the prejudice caused, a really good design is always expensive. “Then many make the mistake once to come with a design of the bar and even something even Gebasteltem over the rounds. This is dangerous and can devalue even the good business idea”warns beer. New companies are professional in their start-up phase, the design professionals have developed the corporate design Kit: logo and business cards, the perhaps most important are, have crafted stationery and presentations the company also according to. And all at an attractive price, which is substantially lower than the big agencies. “Large agencies are just for large companies not only in its offerings, but also the price. With the corporate design Kit, there is for the first time for small businesses. a product that you like the art director as well as the accounting” For more information, media/products/cdk /.



November 1st


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