Paris Hilton Goes On Tour

The hotel heiress is her new boyfriend on the tour it is something serious? Paris Hilton is known not for its long man relations, but now it’s apparently something serious with her current boyfriend Benji Madden. What is most important in such a rocker? Exactly a rocker of his band get the band and what needs? That’s right, the approval to the new girlfriend. She got Benji apparently. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sean Rad. As is now well-known Paris Hilton may accompany their new great love on the tour. The 27 year-old hotel heiress to accompany the Band good Charlotte on the tour of South Africa.

She told PEOPLE magazine: “we are on the road then just a few days, so I’ll go with him. I’m just happy. It is just a wonderful time, and I want to miss any time. “After the shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town want rocker arriving in Europe and then in the summer to North America. If Paris Hilton is then again, we’ll see. Whether love will continue even after the tour, we’ll see Paris Hilton and Benji Madden. We wait.



May 20th


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