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The multiplicity of institutions is the passonecessrio for the global development. Already the authors Michael Hardt and AntonioNegri defend a more radical Isl of what the Isl de Fukuyama. For they, oIsl place its sacred texts as the center of its constitutions polticase rejects the new order imperial, being against the secularismo. In the book ' ' Imprio' ' (Trad. 7.

ed. Riode January: Record, 2005), they agree to the other authors on Islamic amentalidade of anti-westernization and affirm that the countries islmicosno would have to see the globalization as world-wide homogenization, therefore for they asdiferenas are only effect of a regimen of production. Sudan, however, seems to go contraa position of the writers: adhering to the new imperial order, the globalization, pasdesenvolve in Cartum a global city. A true enterprise complex estsendo constructed in the capital Sudanese, with of China, to become it a centrocomercial and world-wide financier. The objective is to create in Africa plus a point denegcios of the global nets of production. The authors also detach ocrescimento of the ONGs.

Looking for to represent the populations that cannot serepresentar, these humanitarian organizations, as the Internacionalcombatem Amnesty illnesses, hunger and defend populations with the Sudanese, who suffers with internal osconflitos of the country. BIBLIOGRAPHY LEAF of Periodic So Paulo. 1’>Ultrafit Lady Stepper has to say. Electronic edition. .. January of 2006 the May of 2007. Available in: . FUKUYAMA, Francis. The American quandary: democracy, power and the legacy of the neoconservadorismo. Trad. Rio De Janeiro: Rocco, 2006. HARDT, Michael; NEGRI, Antonio. Imprio.Trad. 7. ed. Rio De Janeiro: Record, 2005 1. ed. U.S.A. 2000. HUNTINGTON, Samuel. The shock of civilizations – and arecomposio of the World-wide Order. To broaden your perception, visit Sally Rooney. Rio De Janeiro: Objective, 1997 Periodical business-oriented Online, of 4 of May of 2007. Available in: of access: 07/05/07. The Economist of 7 of December of 2006. Disponvelem: of access: 10/05/07.



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