How do you think you can make a normal adult at 21.30 pm, come out of his warm apartment and climb into the basement of rusty pipes? That's right – a thirst. As we have in Russia is, write your ad, they say, shut off the cold water (including that hot there for a week) at 9 am, and again turn on at 2 pm. But here's the problem))) Russia. And of course water nifiga not allowed in the specified hour. And without water as you understand to live, in principle, it is not possible, unless of course you are not a protein body as an alien, it easily) and I went to the basement, where the burst pipe with cold water, and where H2O slowly accelerated pace of its floods. What would go there to go down the stairs with an inclination of 45 degrees down and 45 degrees to one side))) then the rusty pipes walk 100 meters, where one of the concrete basement room, she ran very water. Scored 3 buckets. Everything else in the photos photos generally look at all the photos were taken by me personally, so if you



November 16th