After to have known this wonderful place in the east Uruguay has motivated to me to write this informative article with Internet compilations, for those who like to know new places, has history and much of mystic I hope pleases to them. History the spa of Piripolis was founded in 1893 by the visionary Francisco Piria, who called ” The Spa of the Porvenir”. It was the most concerted effort realised in the country by a single man. Piria acquired great earth extensions pertaining to one of the heirs of Leonardo Olivera, within the limits of its property, counted on three hills: the Sugar Bread, the one of English and the one of the Toro, while a clear and deep water beach limited, it by the south. The first construction was the castle raised in 1897, which was inspired by a model of the Italian Riviera, soon it realised works, like the Port of Piripolis, the Boulevard of the Argentineans, the Railroad, the Church, the Piripolis Hotel and the Argentine Hotel. Francisco Piria was a man that it traveled much, which took that internationally first Piripolis was known that Punta del Este. Different factors make of Piripolis a beautiful place, hills, forests, beaches, as well as infrastructure edilicia and on watch that allow to develop an important tourist activity, counts, in addition, with public and deprived institutions, schools, grammars school, associations, port, customs, terminal of omnibus among others.

(of the page of imm) extraido Circuit of the page of the center of hotels and restaurates of Piriapolis Comenzamos by the house of Lorenzo, one of the children of Francisco Piria, (Av. of May between Av. Piria and Uruguay, the one who promotes to the hill San Antonio) where the museum of Art of Piripolis MAPI can be visited (abierto in summer). The Hotel Columbus was constructed for its son smaller Arthur, and the year can be visited throughout.



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