Pop Music And The Return Of The ‘Pin Up Fashion’

The pop music world seems bent on reviving the pin up fashion which it had accepted quickly and then buried quickly. It usually does with most new developments every four months. But easy pop singers, like Katy Perry, or claims record, as Lady Gaga, seem to persist in the idea that not only the pin up not dead but expect a long life, although some precursor of this Renaissance, as the eccentric burlesque artist Dita von Teese and not just fashion. This nostalgia for the pin up is not a phenomenon exclusive to the Anglo-Saxon world. In Spain there are similar cases, such as television presenter and singer Pilar Rubio Sara da Pin Up, the group Moloch. The pin up girl illustration is the calendar of the forties in the U.S..

Essentially born out of hand illustrators, the most prominent of which is Gil Elvgren, the equivalent of Norman Rockwell and reflects the same kind of optimistic and North America innocent, only that in the case of Elvgren was also clear that he thought of sex. Rockwell’s America was totally devoid of eroticism, while that of Elvgren was deeply imbued with sensuality. The return of the pin up occurs in all cases the hand of the music industry, rather than fashion. Will be asked, seeing the persistence if the Internet age is trendy myspace Vogue. The Californian Katy Perry runs the risk of being the typical artist of a single song, with her I kissed a girl.

Its aesthetics, both album covers and in the usual parties claimed that classic image of pin up. Further from the canon, Lady Gaga, the recording industry wanted to launch a new Madonna, it seems a review of the key calendar girls futuristic. In the forties this type of girl explosive, resounding curves and innocent attitude and was a model impossible. In fact, the sexual revolution of the late sixties with the pin ended up as a cultural phenomenon and as a source income of the publishing industry, which evolved into styles more explicit eroticism.



November 21st