The Administration based on the relationship with customers. CRM, is a management model of the entire organization, based on customer orientation (or orientation to the market according to other authors), the closest concept is relationship Marketing (as used in Spain) and is closely related to other concepts such as: Clienting, 1 1, Direct Marketing of database Marketing, etc. Management of the relationship with customers.Software for HR, is synonym of service to the customer, or customer relationship management. With this meaning CRM refers only to a part of the management of the company. Contact information is here: Related Group. Software for the management of the relationship with customers. Computer systems in support of the management of relations with customers, sales and marketing. With this meaning CRM refers to the system that manages a Data warehouse (data store) with information from the management of sales and the company’s clients.

The management of the relationship with customers, CRM, It is part of a customer-centric business strategy. Movie actress has plenty of information regarding this issue. A fundamental part of your idea is, precisely, the collect as many information as possible about your customers, to give value to the offer. The company must work to meet the needs of them able to advance bid and improve the quality of care. A CRM software or management can be used by companies in any field. When we talk about improving the offer we refer to being able to deliver solutions to customers that adapt perfectly to your needs, and not as they pray many opponents to these disciplines generate new needs. Therefore, the CRM name refers to a business strategy based mainly on the satisfaction of customers, but also to computer systems that support this strategy. More information for control of productivity of employees in



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