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At this point, the Chevrolet Orlando has to offer three units. One would be the 1.8-liter gasoline engine with 141 HP and a torque of 176 nm. Here, Related Group expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Its average consumption is 7.3 liters. This corresponds to CO2 emissions of 172 g / km. Looking at the consumption of diesel engines, you must come to the conclusion, that the petrol engine only real engine enthusiasts as first choice will look at, or those who look primarily at the price. When the self detonators, Chevrolet has to offer a two-liter common rail engine offered in the performance levels at 130 and 163 HP. The weaker of the two on the front axle is 315 nm torque, 360 nm at the 163-HP unit. Both are coupled to a six speed manual transmission, the stronger is also available with a six speed automatic transmission.

The average consumption of six liters of diesel per 100 km and a CO2 emissions of 159 g / km are identical for both common travelers. At the engine, Chevrolet has opted for consistently powerful units. On gasoline side, there is only a 1.8-liter, 141 HP engine. Customers have the choice between two common Interrailers with 130 and 163 HP diesel engines. Both units treat six liters of diesel per 100 kilometers on average. Alternatively, the stronger diesel engine is available with the manual six-speed gearbox with a six speed automatic transmission. Has a pleasant ride on the first kilometres of testing Automatic variant of the strong diesel engine smoothness, well coordinated and rapid gear changes and a balanced driving experience convinced.

Who turns yourself can be very satisfied with the manual transmission. The chassis has a good vote. Proverbial American or Korean vices as regards vagueness are alien to the Orlando. Sway is also not, as the hard pass through uneven. The Orlando is neither athletes nor comfort swing, but a fine and pleasant compromise. At the latest since the Cruze you will notice a significant development in the comfort at Chevrolet. The Orlando emits a renewed certificate for these qualities. Always is the Chevrolet Orlando as the ideal Familienmobil for longer trips with large luggage. The ride comfort is very convincing. Worries are unjustified before rolling motions or poor suspension behavior. Chevrolet has chosen a vote, which corresponds to the taste of European customers. Entry-level price less than 19,000 euro lucky perfect eventually makes the views of the price list. The 141-HP gasoline engine in the LS trim level marked 18.990 euro entry. The price for the LT model is 2000 euro. At the same time, the starting price for the 130 PS VCDi LS version is 20.990 euros. There are the diesel engine as an LTZ model 24.490 euros. 26.190 euro are to apply for the automatic version. The launch of the Chevrolet Orlando in Austria will start in March 2011. by Thomas Weibold,



July 18th


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