Qualitative Self Motivation

Evening. Monday. The day before yesterday it was two letters. One with the insults. Other – with gratitude. In the first case wanted to send.

In the second – thanks. Neither did neither the one nor the other. Why? The answer found in the postscript. A Now let's talk about three sources of motivation. "Three sources' are not the last, the more competing for the truth. Thank God that you are different from me, and I'm away from you. Imagine how boring would the country covered, if all wore the same gray coat.

If you remember the Soviet LegProm (except Baltic States), he will understand me perfectly! One source. Need. No! Not the poverty that has affected you personally. Valentine, my wonderful friend, and I met and began to dream like children. She – the big boss of the company gave me a great idea. I asked Paris. She countered by India. 'You know, Igor, in France, the same as in Italy, Germany and other EU countries! In India, you find such poverty that you never dreamed of! Exotica, which is lacking to us now to move forward! " According to standards developed by the World Bank 'extremely poor' are people who live on less than $ 1.08 per day. 'Just the poor' are those who dispense the amount of less than $ 2.16 per person per day (in the past – $ 2). In India, their 86%. Learn more about this with Adam Sandler. So forward to India to see the benefits of your city and country! 2 source. Criticism. Everything is easier! Initially offended you, then resent criticism, if you do not respond. Much depends on the accumulated confidence. Confidence thicker fat? So critics of the winter will pass without difficulty. Thinner? Hold on – do not avoid the chills! Thank life, work and business in portions of criticism! Criticism – part of the success! Just do not say we did not know! 3 source. Business. I agree with those who argue that wage-labor can be treated as a business of their own. Brian Tracy say that you own the company president, even if you grind away at the boss. Telling the truth, Grandpa Tracy, but … this is enough for only two years of wage slavery! You've probably heard about responsibility, time management and goal! In his own business, all three concepts go to the next level, which is called – the control of their lives! What do you think, why entrepreneurs sometimes earn less than the previous work, and still loyal to their new feeding trough, which is called – a small business? The answer is simple. Control and freedom. Freedom and control! Is not this your dream? Thus, the three sources of qualitative motivation: mass poverty in other countries (and perhaps district town, which is next to you), criticism, and business.



June 30th