Quentin Tarantino

Convey a message in the area of attention * Prospect, how much and what the response. What is the cost per unit of time and how effective. As he said recently, Quentin Tarantino – "My heroes do not know their history. It has not yet been written. For them there is no unrealistic goals.

There is only action and reaction to it. " Everything has to be computed. In order, on the principle of gradualism. Yes, the time factor! Do not rely on one-time large-scale (and expensive) campaign. They do not work. At least in the subject.

Work continued flow of information. When you have decided on the location and content of the idea of progress, you need to decide the financing of the program based on the term of its possible actions. Optimally – a year and a half. It's a lot of money even with discounts for longer periods of placement. Therefore, give preference to one advertisement, which will be the optimal price for a long time. No matter what it is – a small, cheap ad in the newspaper or prestigious and expensive advertising space on the main street of the city – the present work they begin in a month or two, and more. And you remember, use multiple independent lines. That count. An example of practice on one particular project (the price of three and a half million), seven planes in key locations (including outside the city and even a couple of other cities) and ad (average) in four newspapers of (other editions do not come); pair of stretches and banners, and target paid mailing to the network through the pro-structure (any) – regular (a few times a month), plus the usual distribution of "hard" and another post a couple of things that we use, but it is our "Proprietary secrets" about which I, for obvious reasons, I will not say here (but not the most expensive in the payment).



March 9th


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