Quetro River

In both Patricio Segura, President of the private corporation for the development of Aysen, described this failure as a scandal, since going live prejudice to hundreds of families who have lived decades in Baker, who now see how the water which has flowed since always by their fields belongs to a transnational company. This sentence would consolidate absolute control of HidroAysen in the basin. The oppositions of HidroAysen on various occasions HidroAysen has opposed that settlers and local entrepreneurs constitute water rights in Aysen, arguing that such requests would affect their rights already constituted in the Baker and Pascua rivers (between January and March, 1990 the DGA awarded Endesa a 3 mil total 155 cubic meters per second in both rivers) and the new ones who are applying either to the dams that inject energy to the SIC to materialize any hydroelectric projects in line with its offer of cheaper energy. One of those affected by this blockade to access the resource water is the Manihuales commercial society about whose 8 applications in the rivers Viviano and Los Maitenes, in the commune of Chile Chico, HidroAysen submitted their opposition in July 2010, these being mostly requests of only between 100 and 150 litres per second. A similar situation lived Aurelio San Nicolas Rosique, who asked of water rights in the stream without name of the commune of Cochrane by flows of between 11 and 25 litres per second. July 30, 2009 HidroAysen also presented an opposition that will deliver the water resource. A third example is the comments of September 2009 the company did before the DGA preventing about the eventuality incompatibility of water rights by 49 liters per second in the Quetro River, in the province of Aysen, requested by Rosa Bahamonde Barria with those who are applying the electrical in the same basin. And these are only some of the cases in which this company has blocked our people access to water; local entrepreneurs and settlers who lived here long before the executives of Endesa and Colbun dream even with come to make their businesses at the expense of the region. The TDLC, with his sentence, is validating this unjust situation and putting at risk the survival of our communities, when the presentation only sought to legally ensure the water supply for the inhabitants of the area, but this ruling overrides that possibility said Patricio Segura. Download complete failure on: Sentencia_109_2011.



September 10th