Rescue By Hamburg-based MTG MED-Trans Again Possible

Higher administrative Court of Hamburg lifts withdrawal of transport concession in the insolvency proceedings of a Hamburg hospital carrier on Hamburg, February 18, 2011 the Oberverwaltungsgericht (higher administrative court) Hamburg has the continuation and sustainable Rettungvon concession-related establishments in the insolvency enables on January 26, 2011, in a landmark decision (5 BS 239/10). Usually the concession for economic unreliability even before the insolvency proceedings, be withdrawn no later than such companies in the crisis introduction or the proceedings which it is irretrievably destroyed”, says the firm Munzel & Bohm, who had filed the complaint for the Hamburg medical transport company MTG MED-Trans GmbH against the Ministry of Home Affairs and sports of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in the OVG Hamburg lawyer and insolvency administrator Dr. Gideon Bohm. Insolvency administrator especially reliable should according to modern understanding of insolvency proceedings the rehabilitation of the bankrupt company allow and, to get the value of the business functioning”Bohm. He believes that concessions would have to be returned again opening the proceedings, because the liquidator as a highly reliable person to all cares at this point.” The courts would but not followed in General also for special concessions as in the case of medical transport by MTG. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez understood the implications.

The judgment of the SAC can now hope that the renovation in the insolvency is not hampered by the withdrawal of concessions. Harsh winter brought up the garden path of MTG MTG 2010 in financial difficulties due to poor driving conditions had fallen into the harsh and long winter. Even after initiation of insolvency proceedings, a previously outspoken deprivation of necessary transport concession retained its effect. Insolvency administrator Dr. Gideon Bohm was therefore obliged, immediately discontinue the operation of the company despite good prospects for rehabilitation and to destroy some 150 jobs. As the Court in the interim legal protection now decided, the withdrawal of the concession with the opening of the Insolvenzverfahrensnicht is immediately enforceable. Establish a commercial unreliability no longer could be after initiation of insolvency proceedings with disordered financial circumstances”. The proceedings serve children rehabilitation of companies.

Also was not convincing evidence that the welfare of patients was particularly vulnerable after the opening of the insolvency proceedings. The decision in the main proceedings (at the earliest in summer 2011) remains to be seen. The renovation the goal the firm Munzel & Bohm from Winterhude is a specialized in commercial and bankruptcy law firm with 20 employees, nine lawyers in Hamburg, Schwerin, Kiel and Lubeck. With more than 5,000 insolvency proceedings, reorganization or restructuring cases and Zwangsverwaltungen, the firm counts to the 50 top insolvency law firms in Germany. Munzel & Bohm was the first ISO certified bankruptcy law firm in Hamburg. Its stated goal is the rehabilitation of insolvent companies. For more information about the firm Munzel & Bohm under. Contact for press inquiries: Dr. Katja Niemeyer constructive PR consultancy mbH phone 040 552003-0 E-Mail this press release as well as a photo of Dr. Gideon Bohm lawyer available for downloading under.



August 28th


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