Restaurant Inspection

Inspecting a banquet hall, a sober assessment of its size, so that guests do not feel crowded, like herring in a barrel. The same requirements apply to the dance floor. Do not miss a case to look into the visitors' book, it can be learned from a lot of interesting information. specify the details of your wedding: mode restaurant, the time for meals, parking available, the possibility of pyrotechnics in the territory, the decoration of the hall, the number of waiters at the banquet, the ability to reorder food and drinks per cent service charge and the presence of specific conditions of the banquet with the management of the restaurant, so as not to be dumbfounded bad news during the holiday. What should I look for when selecting a facilitator. Leading holiday – your first assistant in his organization, so choose to come to his selection to scrupulously.

From leading the celebration is not only the mood of your guests, but also your own. Master of ceremonies at a wedding must have not only delivered diction, but also literary speech. In a conversation with you he should radiate not only confidence, but also a genuine interest in your holiday. This toaster has to be able to speak not only beautiful, but also to listen carefully. If a toaster a deep sense of self-worth tells of his years of experience, forcing you to his, in his view the only authoritative and correct vision, discourteous disregard your opinion, and, putting ridiculous examples from their peers, paternally slaps you on the shoulder – rather run away and do not turn around! Master of ceremonies, as a physician make a diagnosis, not skimping should give recipes for success of the holiday, always inquiring, whether they are acceptable to a particular occasion.



July 9th


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