Rock One

A Rock One to look at! A body An shout A scare It was the body of a man. Launched to the soil, jammed for the locomotive of the indifference. this signal that does not open, I thought Bothered I was. Ashamed Nauseated Exaggerated A light alumiava its eyes allowing that looked I it. Attracted, I looked them. Reds, swam in the sea rebel of the abandonment of itself. Disturbed, I interrogated them: What you see you look at when me? Ah! Questions Why we embarrass in them in such a way, when in we see them reflected in the other? Why we have as much difficulty of looking in the eye of the other? It will be that it is the fear to be discovered and pulled out of the lethargic dungeon where we dissimulate to live! It will be that it is the racket of tingling of the naked bodies that if touch in the cold night of the impotence? Or it will be the razor of the look of the animal man? Deeply cutting to the fabric sensible of the conscience, pulling out us terror shouts? An animal in escape! He is the man Devoid of the affirmation of the other, the estafante work of the uninterrupted mimicry is delivered to it, and idiot of in such a way turning in the wheel of the illusion, dreams with the reality. It says now me: what it is the reality? The life? You? Knowing? The fugidio pleasure of having? The illusion pusilnime of to be something different of what one is? But, which is same the direction of the life? It needs direction? , You do not say me that he is in the poverty of the other! In the eyes of it looks at who me! Alms Decollation School But it arrives of Now I want to sing.



December 7th