Rockbar Pankow

The Berlin live Club is a new name and a fresh profile will be Saturday 30 Mill Road on 18 July in the Pankower from 14: 00 to a large warm home party”loaded. What is it about? “The one and a half years at this point existing Rockbar” reinvents itself. With powerful extended ambitions and a new style to celebrate the renaming to the Rockbar Pankow have played many dozen bands in the Rockbar already live, thousands of guests have spent there their evening in a relaxed atmosphere. “Especially the German rock scene has found its solid position in this small but atmospheric Club, mainly because the Rockbar for them and their fans under its old name of nephew & nieces – Rockbar” offered a meeting place for anyone without the right ideas, bad symbols and racist undertones. But rock music that emerged from country and African-American historical rhythm and blues, is a much larger field.

Therefore, there is in the new Rockbar Pankow”to hear international rock music of the past 60 years. Live, as well as by the band the Rockbar is handmade music, whether skillfully covered or even created. “Every guest who is looking forward not only known, but (still) unknown bands of the Berlin scene, out there can be prejudice and would like to try, like Walsh AZ is welcome in real” taste. The young boss Nicole Scheibe, even rock and roll dance athlete, advertises with extended opening hours, an emerging merchandising shop for band and Festival shirts and Phonograms. In addition to live music concerts from rock bands of all types, there are also unplugged concerts and themed parties. Rockbar Pankow Muhlenstrasse 30 13187 Berlin rockbarpankow is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 18: 00, for the time being soon in the afternoon.



September 23rd


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