Rocking Now

The new single by Yvonne Konig – on something like you Yvonne Konig, which otherwise generally again on mixed party life, now shows a perfect other side. This of course had a new musical outfit. Said and done. With their new single “on something like you…” the singer Yvonne Konig gas is now with a new producer and management team again. The successful producer Ralf Rudnik has developed together with the concert Manager Georg Preisinger, Michael Busemann and Lutz Ilgner of Gerig published a completely new concept for the otherwise impressive party mouse. The new single “on something like you…” looks authentic and significantly contributes to a style of music that is original and eye-catching. It’s so hot.

The “Prince of life” are addressed here: men are still men or but men who understood without words. Kinship is one and despite great love plays an important role in every song. “On something like you…(has been waiting for the world”)- Maybe on the “Prince of life”? It evolved just a short adventure? It may be interesting. Yvonne Konig, which is already known from radio and television, would rock the stage of the country with the new concept. And she will conquer the hearts of their fans in the storm thus also side and certainly also the one or the other of us.



November 2nd


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