Rudy Feldman

He was the protagonist of Rudy. From 2000 the character on which perhaps most recognize him all came to him: Samsagaz Gamyi (the inseparable friend of Frodo) in the trilogy of the Lord of the rings, directed by Peter Jackson. Criticism has exalted you for a role which, to date, has been that more awards and money has brought him. Personally it is also its prrido role, is tattooed the word nine in Elvish in an ankle. He married Christine Harrell on July 11, 1992 and has three daughters. Josh Brolin (Brandon Brand Walsh): it is rare not to sound you Brolin, and it is that although don’t know the Goonies, more recently you’ve been seen True Grit (Act of 2010 value), it is No country for old men (2007) and Milk (2008), which received a nomination for the Oscar for the best supporting Actor. He was married with Alice Adair from 1988 to 1992, and subsequently with Diane Lane, in 2004.

Corey Feldman (Clark Mouth Devereaux): Feldman continued to work in films, but once its star’s children began to shut down came the problems: drugs, that well that seem intended for many child stars when they grow but their careers don’t. After that bitter episode made the actor Corey Haim his best friend before the cameras and behind them. Both worked together in some independent films and a reality (The Two Coreys, in 2007), without much success. He also tried his luck in the music, with the band Truth Movement. Feldman has been married and divorced twice, first with Vanessa Marcil in 1989 and then with Susie Sprague in 2002, with whom he had a son.

Jeff Cohen (Lawrence Chunk Cohen): Cohen not continued his career as an actor after the Goonies, but yes he continued linked to the business of cinema and audio-visual entertainment, as a lawyer, through their company, Cohen & Gardner, with headquarters in Beverly Hills. Martha Plimpton (Stephanie Stef Steinbrenner): surprised everyone recently making that, perhaps, if it had been a star child today (and not two decades ago) would have fallen into the world of drugs. High-sounding statements aside, the truth is that Plimpton has carved out a successful theatrical career after the Goonies. He has received three Tony nominations for her performances in Broadway and is currently working on the comedy Raising Hope. Jonathan Ke Quan (Richard Data Wang): came with Spielberg Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom (who does not remember to plug) with that, despite his youth, earned him one of the most recognizable faces of the Goonies. After this film appeared on television, in sitcoms such as Together we Stand, where its star was turned off completely. After stoppages to rest (and some high-profile failures) continued trying in film and TV. breathing fire (1991) and the man from California (1992) are some tapes in which we see him in the early 1990s. He returned to abandon his career as an actor for graduating from college. Since then, his work has been more technical (and behind the scenes) that before the spectator. He has worked, for example, at tapes as X-Men (2000). Kerri Green (Andrea Andy Carmichael): can see in tapes like Lucas, along with some very young Charlie Sheen and Winona Ryder (with Sheen would return to) match three on the road). The interpretation he left to focus on his studies of fine arts in Vassard. Source of the news: what happened to the protagonists of the Goonies



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