Sandor Fabry

A large undertaking on our part is a possible perfect presentation of the life work of Ferenc Erkel, who first saw the light of the world 200 years ago. Six of his operas are on the programme, about the works of Hunyadi Laszlo and Bank popular Ban also also rarities are played, like Alfred, Dozsa Gyorgy, Duncan Mary and Brankovics Gyorgy. Andras Hajos, Mariann Falusi, Centaur, Miklos Fay and Sandor Fabry are responsible for the introductory talks prior to the performances. One of the important missions of the art of today is the promotion of social responsibility, therefore similar initiatives were given priority in the compilation of the Festival programme. During the event I’m Roma, I’m Hungarian”can meet the audience the works of Roma artists. During the Festival Studio of the Thalia theater is to Arizona, the premiere of the young Roma actor and Director Rodrigo Balogh held. Spring wear edited the murders against Roma in recent years from the perspective of young Roma people. With the ensemble, Chamber Orchestra Roma Virtuosi, consisting of young Roma musicians with university degree, is a new expansive on the range of Chamber music.

Baroque of concertos are on the program of the sound body. Also the exhibition of Roma life images, where the public can learn about works of contemporary Roma artist Mara Olah is linked on this issue. The International Theatre Festival, a Festival in the Festival, was launched last year as a kind of stopgap. In collaboration with the National Theatre, experimental forces, internationally acclaimed performances were invited. The production operation: Orfeo of the Danish company Hotel pro forma is composed of a peculiar game of light, sound, movement and words. The Thalia Theater Hamburg arrives with pieces from Luk Perceval, one of the most renowned directors. The truth about THE KENNEDYS (the curse of the Kennedys), Premiere conjures up in September 2009, on the basis of documents of the time as a kind of contemporary King drama”up the main moments of 16401 history of the Kennedy of family. The Munich Kammerspiele, elected the theater of the year by German critics, occurs with job, a production with peak performance of the actors as well as by the Director.

Turbo folk, the unusual piece of the Croatian National Theatre Zajc (Rijeka), presents shocking, yet elegant way the wreckage of the Yugoslav succession. The guest performance by Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollack dance company with the production of Hydra is a fusion of dance, MIME and acrobatics, inspired by Japanese fairy tale. A Hungarian first experienced the audience of the National Theatre: a staging of Lear by Peter Gothar after the new translation by Daniel Varro. Text: Zsofia Zimanyi Festival Director photo: Budapest Festival Center-active holidays



October 12th


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