Sebastian Andreas Schweizer

From the Internet onto the stage and the hearts of music fans – a Panda, storming the charts of CRO, which bourgeois name Carlo Waibel, was born in Stuttgart in 1992. Young age of 13, he found his creative side & started to record music. Meanwhile, he erlerntelernte the piano and guitar. Learned which has today 20 years after his Fachhochschulreife media design. After completion of his training, he worked as a freelance cartoonist at the Stuttgart newspaper and published the video clip to his hit “Crank up”. CRO music means not gangster rap and pop rap.

His music style is a mixture of rap and pop music, shortly, “Roap” CRO’s 1st tape “Trash” released the rapper under the name “Lyr1c” 2009 in the Internet. In the February 2011-published “My music” mixtape, CRO managed with it is to make aware of the popular musician and Orson members KAAS. In the Internet the musicians offered download thanks to his fans, for free as all both mixtapes. KAAS was a connection between him and Sebastian Andreas Schweizer- the founder of the label “Chimperator productions” here. This was de beginning of the rapper with the Panda head.

Today is the self named King of Rabah as a designer and musician at the Plattenlable “Chimperator Production” under contract. CRO’s first tour of the Republic began in October 2011. The Norwegian Band Madcon did “glow”tour as the first act on him, where he first presented the audience with its Panda mask. The disc jockey Psaiko Dino strengthened him in the back and acted as a sort of mouthpiece. Not only on the tour, but also at festivals peformed CRO live. Since 2010, the imaginative appearance under his clothing line “VioVio” created unique T-Shirts, he sells the CRO Merch store on the Web. Currently, CRO conquered the charts by his catchy “Easy”. The song is already longer on YouTube on the Web and has been looked at already several million times. The mask makers of these days has well 400,000 likes on Facebook.



December 4th


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