Sparkling wine or champagne with personal dedication on the label: a gift that can – replace the bouquet or supplement and will bring much joy. Wurzburg, the 06.04.2009: A special gift idea for mother’s day there at will surprise you with a bottle of sparkling wine, which carries a label even designed by you. Thank your mother on this particular type and print your personal words with or without photo on the bottle label. Mother will be pleased! At, you can have online to make your own bottle label for mother’s day and onto Champagne (with or without alcohol), Secco or champagne. A gift that could not be more individual.

Different label templates to the theme of mother’s day help to design a personalised label and your own words to mother, grandmother and mother-in-law. All templates are equipped with templates, which can override with your own words or even take over. In addition there are also some templates Ability to upload a photo. Too many other possible occasions such as birthday, wedding, birth, anniversary, or just as a thank you there label templates with matching motifs, which should serve as an inspiration for a unique and personal gift. Already 1 bottle can be ordered at



November 3rd


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