History of sharks: there are sharks, such as those who say that they eat meat or eat plankton such as white sharks, whale sharks, Hammerheads. The shark is a species that lives in almost all oceans that have warm waters, its gender tends to be Carcharodon.Los sharks white have the fusiform body and a flattened shape. (Source: Tony Parker). The muzzle is rounded and it is very large, have it half open and inside they have a row of sharp teeth, a the bottom and two at the top.Water is penetrating at the mouth of the shark incessantly by their gills because fate water enter them they ahogarian, they have an operculum which regulates water entering, also would collapse since it does not have a swim bladder to do this should be in constant motion. White color only has in the ventral and dorsal part its color is bluish or grey. These types of colors are very common in aquatic animals, serves them so that sunlight does not affect them both.Adult sharks measuring between 3 or 4 metres long and females are larger than the males there are sharks that have come to measure up to 7 meters. The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, a large creature that can be 15 meters or more and weigh more than 25 tons. It has an elongated and robust body and the tail can measure more than 3 meters and his big mouth would have the ability to swallow a large seal swimming from side.They have a dark gray color, with white or yellowish dots by the body. The whale is the darkest of all tiburones.Como only eats plankton and a few small fish. Hammerhead shark is one of the most characteristic fish.The shape of its head is a hammer, there are very few in the world of these fish. The main danger for these fish is the unconsciousness of the human being, because fishing very followed by way this species only by the fin that sells very expensive.



February 19th