A bladder weakness can almost always successfully treated with medication or surgery. To access these options, incontinence products can greatly facilitate everyday. In Germany suffer according to current estimates, more than five million people see a bladder weakness. Despite the large number of persons concerned, is considered a urinary incontinence in our society remains one of the last great taboo topics. For fear of embarrassing situations, people with this problem often completely withdraw from everyday life, barely leave their homes and abandon a variety of their social contacts. Worse still, that many also rarely see a doctor, because they see a kind of condition a bladder weakness, which anyway does not treat can be.

But their suffering in many cases is unnecessary, because a urinary incontinence can be now very good use of medications, physiotherapeutic measures or operations cure or at least with appropriate equipment significantly relieve. Many manage this but instead with rather unsuitable tools such as sanitary napkins or paper towels rather than resorting to templates designed specifically for this purpose or diapers. This especially the usage is rejected from the outset of diapers from many of those affected: many are afraid to be dependent on the rest of your life on diapers. In addition often fear that could emerge the diapers through the clothing be not very tight or their material could cause noise when running. There is now much more elegant and more secure solutions for this problem: so special Sicherheitsslips cotton can be obtained from the specialty mail order Incosan, which are both visually as hardly to distinguish in terms of comfort of normal underwear. A sewn in the step, consisting of several layers of micro fiber layer, ensures safety and dryness in the directure and others via the Internet ( incontinence briefs the moisture how a sponge absorbs and safely include in the core. A leakage of fluid, prevents also a special moisture barrier, keeping dry underwear despite incontinence over many hours. Safety wash there of incontinence in many fashionable variations and colors for men, women and children, as well as for different severities. Thanks to special safety laundry patients can lead a normal life again and again participate in everyday life without fear and shame. Also, you represent also an ideal interim solution for people who are already due to a present bladder weakness in treatment, but not yet fully completed the therapy.



November 2nd


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