On the one hand, the objectives arise from potential analysis. It is, to find out where you can optimally use your strengths. On the other hand, you need to be clear what is really important to you. A want to climb the career ladder to the top, it’s others more about to perform new tasks and to orientate yourself completely. You need a clearly defined goal, so that you can concentrate your activities this. Who does not know the destination, can not find the way. Lose the competition not from the eyes as long as everything remains, probably not even notice your competition. As soon as you but leave your familiar terrain and begin to make plans, is it to be extra vigilant.

Internal or external competitors emerge suddenly and rarely perceived. Sometimes one feels on the target and then still the tour gets screwed up at the crucial moment. Therefore always keep the activity of your competitors in sight and take your rivals not to lightly. Sometimes, even useful impetus to the own approach arise from observing the competition. Increased vigilance but always prevents unpleasant surprises. Align your activities on your audience your personal goals provide the way. To get the thing rolling, you must clear be, who it is now.

You who you need to reach with your self-PR, what resonates with the decision-makers to carefully consider and what not. Keep in mind, also, that all decision makers from certain people are surrounded, that have particular influence or to assist in an advisory capacity. Also, these people are your target audience! Their Activities use nothing, if they take place in wrong place. You need there to bring in the conversation, here stand out, where the relevant decisions are taken. You don’t achieve the best effects by widest sprinkle your activities and building on fluke. A very targeted approach is most effective: the self-PR aims, to locate the important addressees within the audiences here occasionally to act a. A shift of on SideShow’s efforts, however, rarely leads to the goal. Successful self-PR focused always on the main addressee, without losing the whole thing out of sight. It goes first to the notice of your name, the image enhancement and strengthening its own position. All relevant persons must first of all know that it’s you at all. If a face has become a name, here much is achieved. But even the efforts may not subside still long. Your name must be now in connection with good, better yet outstanding achievements or other positive attributes be placed. Who it finally actually is, in all cases, managers need information, so you get even once in the game. And you can deliver the information itself always the best. Providing targeted information is an integral part of the self-PR.



October 25th


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