Singing Competition

Participating in school competitions of young performers, Maksim sang songs from the repertoire of Joan Aguzarova, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. Then there was a desire to perform her own songs. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jay A Schwartz. First experience with producer Marina has been in 14 years. It literally took the girl with the Singing Competition, decided to make her a star. Maksim barely persuaded his parents to sign a contract, and had to persuade the scandal. In the end, her parents are tired of fighting with their daughter and allowed her to join show business. While allowing this, the parents of the young Marina hoped that this fascination with time will pass, but as she says Marina, she loves to sing So far most. "I actually did not want any success and create a singing career was not going," says Maksim.

"My parents always wanted me to be a lawyer." By the end of the school, Marina performed in almost all events in the city. Her first song "Stranger" and "Get" won the status of a hit in the clubs of Kazan. After some time, Maksim performs in Murmansk, St. Petersburg, and other cities. But in the end decides to go to Moscow to try their hand at the star city. "What would I have achieved in Kazan?" Maksim pondered in an interview. "The biggest – would have earned through years 7 title People's Artist of Tatarstan, and I wanted to do something more, new for yourself. "So began the conquest of the capital for the Marina and it is this part of her life the most mysterious, because it is filled with a mass of confusion and rumors.



November 23rd