Social Medias

Thus, Walnut (2010) concludes that ' ' of the part of the professionals who have access the social nets during the expedient, it is important to share the results of the exchanges of information with its managers and too much colleagues so that to the few it better has understanding of the positive potential of the tools sociais' '. 5.2 The Social Medias and the Companies the companies need to establish one reasonable politics for the social medias that explain clearly the responsibilities of the employees. Some practical exist that they can be allied of the companies and to help the employees to use adequately these medias. It is important that the corporation educates the employees, monitors the activities of employees, take measured when a social media are used inapropriadamente, must be explained which the measures to be taken and why, revised the politics? in case that necessary, reverse speed-he educates the employees on the new politics. These measures need to be taken because the use of social medias differentiates for the speed of the information flow and its reach. Therefore the necessity of one well elaborated politics, one politics for social medias very goes beyond questions of security guard and productivity, it affects the mark, reputation, laws, corporative culture and values, in such a way personal as of the company. The use of the social medias represents chances individuals and organizations to demonstrate leadership behavior, to find new sources of ideas, to construct marks, to expand resources, but demanding education and monitoring, beyond a responsibility agreement.

Some studies have shown that the employees if become more productive when they are motivated and involved with projects of the company. MEDEIROS (2010) affirms that to observe the behavior of the employees in the social nets it is the first step. Later, making with that the company either part of this – that is, that it is not only one ' ' funcionrio' ' , but that if it really feels part of the business.



June 3rd