Spanish Gills

Remarkable prehistoric amphibian Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum), there are more than 350 million years is one of the many advantages of Alushta Aquarium:. Axolotl in its origin is the larval form of certain types of ambistom is an amphibian of the family unit Ambistomovyh Tailed Beasts. The name comes from the Spanish 'igrayuschiyy in the water' or 'water toys. " This nickname is tailored to his appearance: his eyes are small – the playful, wide mouth stretches the entire width of the big head, so it seems to us that the larva is constantly smiling. Aksolotnl reaches maturity and becomes capable of reproduction is not even turned into an adult form, so it larva remains eternal. The body length is 30 centimeters.

On each side of the head are three pairs of external gills that look like a very long shaggy branches. Axolotl excellent swimmer, and it helps a long wide tail. Color pretty interesting – the body of greenish-brown, covered with small round black spots, but the abdomen – the light. It is interesting that the amphibian larvae breathe by gills under water and on land – through the lungs and through the skin. Axolotl – a predator. Basically spends his time lying motionless on the bottom of the pond, his head bowed, waiting for prey, occasionally surfacing only to povrhnosti gulp some air.

But only spotted movement axolotl sharply rushes on extraction, which are swallowed whole. Generally axolotl totally harmless amphibians are not endowed with any natural protective agents. Each other, they also paid little attention. Although in hungry times eat around the gills, legs and tails of their own kind, that eventually grows back. Habitat: lakes Chalco and Hochimilko in Mexico. Reproduction: Marriage Game axolotls usually occur at night. The female lays from 600 to 1000 eggs. Caviar develops about 15 days. In the first 4-6 days the larvae are fed by the contents of their yolk sac. Content in Alushta Aquarium: Water temperature for the larvae of 18-20 C, need constant aeration basin at by aquarium compressor. They eat snails, worms, crustaceans, small fish and amphibians. To feed axolotls need pomelteshit flesh around his mouth, then he would take her prey, and rushed to the tasty slice. In principle, the axolotl temper quite peaceful and can contain a few individuals, and the better to make a band bandstop them to each other, since they do not like to be seen. If you move the axolotl in a dry and cool climate or to lower the water level in the home breeding, he turns into an adult ambistomu. The transformation of the axolotl in ambistomu can also cause added to food or injections of the hormone thyroxine. Transformation can occur within a few weeks, apparently it is characterized by the disappearance of external gills, change the body shape and coloring.



January 13th


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