Spanish University

Well, in this race, having read the triptych (or having studied the agenda) has a prize of 6 credits. Students of psychology has a subject called: psychology in sport I and whose first course examines the different ways that exist to encourage an athlete (will be to add more literature to the classic: oooooeeee ooooooeeee ooooeeee ooooooeeeee). Approving earn 6 credits. It is clear that these examples are documented by people that you are currently pursuing the qualifications and the subjects arrive above. (Similarly see: Pop star). I don’t invent me nothing. After all the periplus student all these pseudo-estudiantes are considered University of equal level as a doctor or an engineer. To me all this I am very sorry.

Because we have to discredit the Spanish University as well? We’re losing credit against other European universities. I call that, taking advantage of the reform which is going to be held shortly in the Spanish university education system, measures and is excluded from the list of undergraduate degrees all these degrees of laughter. Now if in the future this not changed, I would like the luxury of giving advice to prospective students who are undecided about their choice: forget about the vocation. Do not hesitate to enroll you in one of these degrees of laughter (remember: psychology, philosophy, librarianship, social work, etc.). In a few years you’ll have your titulito, you can make opposition to official and cobrareis more than 3000 euros per month. Please give up any race with a minimum of impediment.



February 3rd