Spotter Internet

Since they have cameras they are known as spotters. they are people who go out to trains, planes, fire engines to scan or other very specific issues. Many amateur photographers travel all across the country in order to get anything special from the lens. They often have huge photo libraries, which include the time change may well documented. The Internet pages quickly formed for such photographers. For example, was founded in 1998 and has collected over the years, nearly 100,000 rail photos of different photographers from around the world.

Also, the digital photography, which allowed only to bring comfort and high quality photos of the screen, had its share of the success of such portals. The specialization in a topic to large, thematic photo archives for the visitor are massive. He must look elsewhere for photos cumbersome, he finds it interesting on a site immediately and in great quantity. Communities on the Internet that are loose, soft Associations the men interested people, offer everyone the opportunity to make his photos and his thoughts are for public discussion. It develop likes and dislikes, memories of old times are awakened and discuss new developments.

But photos are not the only one. Also videos for example, here which aircraft can be easily made and published. The present enormous challenges to the site operators who have to contend with large traffic volume and enormous memory consumption. Interesting videos can be there, where sound information is required. They also provide realistic situations and less embellished dar. considered long term, photo and video sites are even providing interesting and realistic “time travel”. Who can remember even today still remember how it was when steam engines carried us or our country was still divided …



April 6th