Stop Attacks

Attack – it's insulting remarks or derogatory gesture, relating to any of your personal qualities, your job, what you value and owns what, to your religious beliefs or ethnicity. Attacks are usually easy to distinguish from what is said with good intentions. It must be remembered that the man who respects himself will never favor disparaging someone's address. Some contend that San Antonio Spurs shows great expertise in this. Insult is a reflection of the fact that people who made him miserable. He or she is trying to elevate itself by humiliating you. This usually does not help, moreover, added to feelings of guilt and shame. Additional information at Margaret Loesser Robinson supports this article.

So how do you have to react to attacks? If a disparaging remark made man not play a big role in your life, it's best to simply skip his words go unheeded. If, however, you are often attacked by someone who occupies an important place in your life, such as boss, wife or husband, parents or children should discuss your feelings with this person. Avoid this comment on his statement saying: "You always say that." Much better if you make it in this form: "It hurts me when people say such things, please do not say more so. " Even if you can not make a man stop his attacks, you'll feel satisfied knowing that made everything possible. Of course, each person may be subjected to attacks in their address, but if you look at all cases in which no attack on you and the people who you think will never touch, you will understand why they offend less often, the reason



January 14th