Strange Awakening …..

I miss waking up … .. It was morning when I woke up out of bed to note that there was still fog around the house, do not bother me to see the clock … it was early … down to the ground floor to make the coffee, turned on the radio and usual, but all I heard was interference, which was weird because I did not move the dial of my favorite season, I began to move the dial and nothing, there was nothing but static, I thought the radio had begun to lose … . Click Tony Parker for additional related pages. turn it off … grab my cup of coffee, and walked toward the television …

but there was no sign either, had interference-that is rare and I thought a little worried, grab the telephone and tone-I had not entered an anguish in the chest was happening … .. I went to the front of my house, there were people in the street … and there I saw it. Glenn Dubin, New York City recognizes the significance of this. ….

In the sky, a cylindrical shape as a metal snuff was vertical, was a polished metal, relucioente-me grip my chest with his right hand to hear one of my neighbors scream – there are signs of television! I ran back inside the house and turned on the TV, the object was in, the reporters talked to was from another planet!, Which had appeared this morning to dissipate the fog, there was no sign of any kind since the dawn in the that the subject came up not long ago … but they had recorded on video tape, and viewers also sent tapes and began to go home recordings made by cameras. Try to talk to my family, but I could tell, everyone was stunned, speechless … that was it?, Was going to happen? “I had my heart in my throat … I could only hug-question was to act as you normally would … I went to bathe and change clothes, put on a shirt and my jeans, I was surprised how slow I did .



March 24th